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How did shri Ram died and lived in his last days

By on December 8, 2016

How did shri Ram died and lived in his last days. We all are aware of Ramayana and the events that took place. But little do we know the death of the protagonist, Shri Rama. His demise still stands as a mystery to many. Some say with his death the era of Satya Yuga ended.

The death of lord Rama is mentioned in many Hindu scriptures with many varied explanation. Some say, the Shri Rama dissappeared into the Sarayu River, when he entered the river voluntarily. This even is specially mentioned by the Padma Purana.

Ram naam Satya hai!

Still there are many who believe in a different angle of this story. A sage who came and visited Rama. The saint wanted a private conversation with Lord Rama and anybody not abiding by his rule will be put to death. It was said the saint was actually Kala Deva or Time. Lakshmana who was guarding the door was in a fix when a short tempered sage named Durvasa demanded entry to meet Rama. On being stopped he threatened to curse the entire Raghu clan.

Laksmana surrendered, admitted Durvasa into the private chamber and received the punishment gladly. This incident made Lakshmana believe that after this situation it was time for him to dissappear from earth.He went into exile and took the form of Ananta Sesha in the Sarayu River. After knowing the death of his brother Lakshmana, Sri Ram decided to end His purpose on earth. He then handed over His responsibilities to his sons and another brother Bharata and left his kingdom. Lord Rama walked deep into the Sarayu River and disappeared.

The colonial and the political developments led distortion in our understanding of Ramayana.

Yes, he was the end of Satya Yuga but his presence is felt in other eras as well.!

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