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Hebah Patel demands a seven figure remuneration from producers

By on November 26, 2016
Hebah Patel demands a seven figure

In the recent past, the hot actress Hebah Patel had many successful blockbusters to her credit. They did great at the box office. Just like the famous line ‘Make Hay while the Sun shines’. The actress looks like she is doing everything to make this proverb true in her acting career life. It means that when there is some opportunity do all it takes and make full use of it. This young and beautiful actress are really doing everything that this proverb says.

The latest rumor doing the rounds is that she is demanding a seven digit figured remuneration from her producers. While we know that her last few hit movies did great at the box office and were quite some money spinners, her stardom quoted the big cost to the producers who narrated the story to this star. Success surely pays off!

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