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Have You Ever Had No Food, No Water For 24 Hours? A 7-Year-Old Asks Trump

By on February 2, 2017
Have You Ever Had No Food No Water For 24 Hours

Have You Ever Had No Food No Water For 24 Hours. A 7-year-old Syrian girl named Bana Alabed posed a serious question to the new President of United States, Donald Trump.  She tweeted ‘have you ever had no food, no water for 24 hours?”.  She posted a video on the twitter saying the same.

Her question has gathered worldwide attention.  She tweeted saying my video to Trump.  ” Mr @realdonaldtrump have u ever had no food & water for 24 hrs? Just think of refugees & the children of Syria.”

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It is not the first time for Alabed to respond to Trump.  Earlier, she responded to a tweet of Trump wherein he had argued that the intention of his immigration ban was about keeping bad people with bad intentions out of country.

She tweeted as a reply “Am I a terrorist?”  She also posted videos on twitter describing their situation in Aleppo, Syria.  Trump has recently signed an executive order to ban the entry of immigrants from seven Muslim countries that includes Syria into US, which lead to chaos.

As soon as the news of the ban came out, Alabed tweeted “Dear Trump, banning refugees is very bad. Ok, if it’s good, I have an idea for you. Make other countries peaceful.”

Alabed is tweeting with the help of her mother Fatemah. Have You Ever Had No Food No Water For 24 Hours. The tweets are gaining great attention from all across the world.  She has been posting about the Aleppo city since September last year.  She also shared that her house was destroyed.

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