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Good News for Jio Users, New Year Offer!!

By on December 30, 2016
Good News for Jio Users

All the Reliance JIO Customers are now in suspense about the Jio offers that the company announced that the Welcome Offer from the Reliance is said to be end by December 31st of 2016. Good News for Jio Users. It is known that Reliance Jio has extended the offer till March of 207, now there is a huge war between the Reliance Company and all the other companies about the extension of the offer. They objected the extension of the already end offer from Dec 4th 2016 to Mar 31st of 2017.

Good News for Jio Users. About this issue Reliance Chairman gave an explanation to the higher authorities that he didn’t extended the Welcome offer for the customers. He said that this is the New Year offer for the customers till March 31st of 2017. It is said that the users can use the service till March 31st without any interference.

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