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Gigantic Bull ‘Yuvaraj’ Semen worth Crores

By on November 3, 2016

Gigantic Bull Yuvaraj Semen worth Crores. It is quite astonishing for you upon looking at the title. It is possible to gain crores of cash just by selling the semen. But, it is not about a person but the semen belongs to a bull. Here’s a bull with a height of 6 feet and its name is Yuvaraj. The worth of this Yuvaraj bull is Rs. 11 Crore. Yuvaraj bull has massive craze among the people and at the same time, there is immense craze for the semen of this bull. The single drop of semen is worth Rs. 400.

The owner of this bull says that just by selling its semen he earns more than Rs. 1 crore every year. The weight of this bull is 1500 Kilograms. Just like its whopping physique, the amount spent on its food is quite huge. This bull gulps 15kgs of apple, 20 litres of milk, and 5 Kgs of carrot, Jaggery and other grains in huge amounts.

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