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German Man Gives Birth to Baby Boy in the UK

By on October 13, 2016

In record breaking news, a man gives birth to a boy for the first time ever for any German. The new father recognizes as male but has a female reproductive system. The baby boy was born to a man on March 18thand marks the first German baby boy forever to have a father for a mother.

Although Beatie recognize as a man, he decided to keep his female reproductive system. And he impregnates himself with a sperm donor. He had married a woman and has given birth to three kids in total. He decided not to give birth at a hospital because he would have been forced to be listed as a mother.

After the man gave birth to a baby boy in 2013, Thomas Beatie started his public talking walk of life where he advocates for transgender rights. Now Beatie has given birth to three children in three years.

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