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Drunkards killed a Young Woman !

By on January 19, 2017
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Drunkards killed a Young Woman. She completed the MBA and she is well educated, she lives with the desire of becoming an IAS Officer and for this she is preparing under severe coaching. Meanwhile, when she went to home for Sankranthi holidays, she died in a Road accident because of Some drunken people. This incident took place in Palakol, Narsapuram Road and her sister who got injured in the hospital is getting treatment to recover. A Safari Car going on the road of Palakollu to Narsapuram hit the Activa scooter coming on the same way.


Dangati Gautami and Dangati Pavani were two sister traveling on that bike. Drunkards killed a Young Woman. The Bike was pushed in to a lake beside the road, the injured sisters were taken to hospital by the local people and they were admitted in local hospital. Gautami injured both of her legs and she died in the hospital while having the treatment.

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