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Do You Know Why Tollywood Heroes Only Marry Reddy Community Girls?

By on November 7, 2016

Do You Know Why Tollywood Heroes Only Marry Reddy Community Girls ? There are many T-town A-listers who married girls from other communities.  Though love is not the primary reason, many ended up marrying other community girls.  For instance, Ram Charan Upasana, Allu Arjun Sneha Reddy, Manchu Vishnu Veronica, Manchu Manoj Pranathi Reddy, Akhil Shreya Bhopal Reddy.

Albeit not all the heroes married Reddy community girls, most of them choose their life partners from that community.  If the same thing happens in politics, we can assume that they are doing it for power, but why it is being followed as a ritual in film industry is a question.

We can say one thing for sure that there is no pre-planning in this.  If we observe a bit keenly we can know that all the wives of biggie heroes come from a great business background.

Why Tollywood Heroes Marry Reddy girls?

Do You Know Why Tollywood Heroes Only Marry Reddy Community Girls. Most of us already knew that Reddy community is one of the biggest communities whose people are mavens at various businesses.  If you observe the couples we mentioned afore, all the girls come from a business background and are having high-profile.

When it comes to Upasana, she is the granddaughter of Apollo hospitals founder C Prathap Reddy.  There is no need to mention about Apollo Group.  It is a giant and its worth will be thousands of crores.

Allu Arjun’s wife Sneha Reddy is the daughter of K C Shekar Reddy who is a rich businessman and also has a Science Institute of Technology in Hyderabad.  Veronica Reddy comes from yet another huge family background.  She is the granddaughter of producer CC Reddy.

The newbie who entered this Reddy marriages list is Akhil.  Akhil is all set to tie a knot with Shreya Bhopal who belongs to GVK industries.  She is the granddaughter of GVK Reddy.

Though they touch up as if they are arranged or love marriages, the background is the one that plays the key role in these marriages.

Ram Charan Upasana


Allu Arjun Sneha Reddy


Manchu Vishnu Veronica


Manchu Manoj Pranathi Reddy


Akhil Shreya Bhopal Reddy


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