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Dhruva 1st Week Box Office Collections | world wide Collections

By on December 15, 2016

Dhruva movie completed its 1st week today and collections are as expected running towards 100 crores. Here everyone can find the box office collections from day 1 to till today. As we all know that Dhruva movie crossed 1 million collections and no star from Tollywood has not reached till now.

Dhruva 1st Week Box Office Collections 

  • 1st Day Collections: 10.57 crores
  • 2nd Day Collections: 16.13 crore
  • 3rd Day Collections: 11.60 crores
  • 4th Day Collections: 7 crores
  • 5th Day Collections: 6.75 crores 
  • 6th Day Collections: 2.05 Crores
  • 7th Day Collections: 1.21 Crores

‘ధ్రువ’ సినిమా లో మైనస్ పాయింట్ ఇదే …. ఇదే గనుక చేసి ఉంటె ఫలితం ఇండస్ట్రీ హిట్ మించి కొట్టేది అదేంటో తెలుసా ?

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