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Delete Wrongly Sent Messages on WhatsApp Using New Feature

By on December 18, 2016
How to Delete whatsapp wrong messages

How to Delete WhatsApp wrong messages: WhatsApp is the popular messaging application that lets the users send instant text messages, pictures, videos and a lot more for free. There are incredible features available for all the users across different platforms. Now, some incredible features added to this cross-platform messaging app that is extremely beneficial for all the users. The thing is when you send any message wrongly to your friend or colleague; it is not possible to delete it on the recipient’s side. It is only possible for the users to delete it on your mobile phone.


Till now, WhatsApp hasn’t rolled out such feature on its messaging app. The company soon rolls out a new feature that lets the users edit the message, delete it completely and much more. If you remove the message on your phone, it also deletes on the recipient’s side. By making use of a ‘Revoke’ button, the users can stop sending the message, photos and videos as well.


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