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Death Mystery Of Jayalalitha: Natural Death Or Is There Anything More Than What Meets The Eye?

By on December 6, 2016

Death Mystery Of Jayalalitha. The most popular and powerful politician, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, J Jayalalitha took her last breath on Monday night.  She left the world leaving the entire country, especially people of Tamil Nadu to drown in pain.  After three months stay in Apollo Hospital, she recovered and was about to be discharged when she suffered a cardiac arrest.  She got admitted to ICU immediately and was treated by expert doctors.  Death Mystery Of Jayalalitha. She was put on life support system, but her heart failed to last.  Since her death there have been many questions that are being raised by common people of TN who cherish her as their own Amma.

Questions raised by commons of TN over Amma’s death   

  • It is said that Amma has a duplex house in Maredupalli, Radha Colony. A person who is said to be the manager of Amma used to visit the house once in a while.  It is found out that the so called manager visited the house on Monday morning and took some important documents from there.  Who is that manager and why did he suddenly collected the documents from the apartment?
  • Why Amma kept the documents in Maredupalli house?
  • Why did he come all the way to Hyderabad just to collect those documents? What are those documents about?
  • Did they know earlier that she was dead or did they hide the news that she is dead and said that she is alive?
  • Finally, is her death a natural death or is there any mystery to it?

These are the questions that are being raised by the public after Amma’s death.  Only the manager can answer these questions.  All we can wish for her soul is to rest in peace.

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