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Complaints Against Tamannah Were Filed With Vishal For Hitting Miss To Promotional Activities

By on October 5, 2016

Complaints Against Tamannah Were Filed With Vishal For Hitting Miss To Promotional Activities

Vishal has always been a good guy in the film industry.  He never ever pointed out his fingers at anyone till date, but it seems like he has to do it now.  As we all know, Vishal is one of the important members of Producers council in Tamil Nadu film industry.  Lately, there is a lot of buzz surrounding the beautiful actress Tamannaah.

There are reports that many producers in whose films Tamannaah has acted have complained Vishal about Tamannaah hitting miss to the promotional events.  Most of the actors and actresses are participating in promotional events lately, but Tamannaah is not showing any interest in participating in promotional activities of her flicks.

Usually, the actors and actresses associated with a film should shoulder the responsibility of promoting the film.  Promotions have become a part of films and they are being considered as a secret of success by many filmmakers.

But it seems like Tamannaah has no interest to promote her own movies in which she donned the lead role.  She didn’t even participate in the promotions of her last two to three films.

Complaints against Tamannah for not attending promotions of the flicks

It is said that she feels like her responsibility ends with finishing the film and so is getting away from the promotions.   It is not just Tamannaah who has gone against the wishes of the makers, Nayanathara also did the same.  Nayan also showed no interest in participating in the promotional events.

Lately, Thamannaah has been seen in many promotional events of her upcoming movie Abhinetri.  Considering the fact that she is participating in other language promotions and not in Tamil movie promotions producers have filed a complaint with Vishal.

We have to wait and see how Vishal will react to this situation and whether or not he will take any action against his upcoming film co-star.

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