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Chiranjeevi Ex Son-In-Laws Remarriage

By on October 15, 2016

In the recent times, gossip is spreading across media that Srija Konidela’s ex-husband Sirish Bharadwaj is planning to marry once again after the alleged breakup with his ex-wife Srija. Still, we memorize that, there’s no truth in these rumors and Sirish is just single as of now. But, there are some gossips about the ex-son of actor cum politician Megastar Chiranjeevi. The gossips regarding the relationship between Sirish Bharadwaj and Srilekha Reddy and being circulating across the media circles from some time now.

But, some of just overlooking at the rumours saying that it’s all the media which is overdoing in spreading irrelevant rumours on Sirish. However, there are some pictures wherein we can see the ex-son-in-law of Chiranjeevi is quite close with Srilekha Reddy in a birthday eve in the recent times. Moreover, they are too closer that they even hugged each other before the guests in the party. We all know that Srija and Sirish had run away to marry each other. The couple had married each other against the wish of Srija’s family in Arya Samaj on 17th October in 2007.

Later, the couple was blessed with a baby girl. But, the love and marriage life didn’t do well due to some misunderstandings between the duo and dowry harassment that led to divorce. After the divorce, Srija left the country and went to the US. The baby girl is currently with her mother Srija. Recently, Srija got married to another person in a grand way. The current latest news is that Sirish is going to marry a daughter of some NRI businessman. But, Sirish had just declined that rumours regarding this second wedding saying all those were just baseless gossips.

However, the name and fame of Sirish Bharadwaj had elevated as he had become a son-in-law of Chiranjeevi. Despite the breakup of the couple, the popularity of Sirish is being carried all these years. After the marriage with Srija, he had joined in BJP party. Sirish should be thankful to Chiranjeevi for providing celebrity status as an ex-son-in-law to Mega star.

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