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Child Actress in ‘Devullu’ movie Changeover !!!

By on January 19, 2017
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The movie ‘Devullu’ is a well noted and good film in Telugu Industry. The songs in this movie are evergreen and will be remembered forever by the audience, it can be seen many devotional places in this film and this stood as a big hit at that time. The two actors acting in this film is the back bone for the film with so much intense in acting. Child Actress in Devullu movie Changeover. These kids who acted as Bhavani in movie is ‘Nithya Shetty’ and the role Chintu in the movie is played by ‘Master Nandan.’ These children are the kids for Rashi and Prudhvi in the movie, they got huge applause and appreciation for this movie.



Child Actress in Devullu movie Changeover. This movie was released 17 years ago, and this will still attract the people when this movie is telecasted in Television. Talking about Bhavai role in the film, the Nithya Shetty is now grown bigger like us and her look is stunning everyone because she doesn’t seem to look like how she used to be in child hood. Nithya Shetty is a child artist and done movies ‘Devullu, Little Hearts, Chinni chinni aasha.’ She recently acted in ‘Daagudumootha dandakor and Padasave’ and she is now doing as heroine in ‘Shobha Babu,’ along with this she is doing two Tamil movies.

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