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Chanikya Secrets: Don’t Marry these seven type of Girls

By on December 7, 2016

Chanikya Secrets Dont Marry these seven type of Girls. In the Humans life Marriage is a main stage of the life. Everyone has their own ways and expectations to get married. Every Man wants beautiful girl to get married; they feel that it is enough to lead the happy life. But here is something that said by Chanikya about the marriages and how can someone lead the happy life after marriage. The below are the seven types of Girls that no men should never marry, to lead the happy life:

1. Girl who gives more importance to her Glamour

Chanikya says to simply reject the women who give more importance to her glamour than your feelings and your heart. They only live for their Glamour but they don’t care about others and they only give importance to their external beauty but not their Interior beauty.


2. A Girl from bad family Background

In choosing a girl, the second and more important aspect is their family background. There will be a lot of problems after marriage if the girl is not from a good family. There may be a lot of issues with their family and you can see the change in her behavior. Chanikya says it’s better to marry a nice family girl than a beautiful girl from bad family.


3. Girl who tell Lies

It’s better to keep aside these types of girls who used to tell lies for everything. When people are in love it will be nice to hear anything from the girl, but if you observe her carefully you will know the real side in your girl. Don’t marry the girl who lies every time, there may be heavy chances that she will make disputes in the family with her lies.


4. Girls without Faith

It’s better not to marry a faith less girl, if she is not faithful to her family then there is no chance that she will be faithful to her husband after the married life. Thus, Chanikya says not to marry those types of girls.


5. Girl who can’t be a Homemaker

The old sayings state that, by seeing the house we can know about the house maker. It is truth that the home depends on the home maker. Compared to the men, women will be the first priority to keep the home neat and clean. So select a girl who can make the living environment beautiful. If the home is not tidy then the home does not have the Peace.


6. A Girl who make disputes

Chanikya says it better not to marry the girl who makes disputes for every matter. These types of girls always make disputes for the things that they want. One cannot lead the happy life after marriage by selecting these kinds of girls.


7. Girl with no Devotional spirit

A Girl must have the spirituality in her; the girls who worship the god will look after her husband nicely. Chanikya says not to marry a girl who doesn’t have the spirituality in her.


                       If you want to have the successful and happy life even after the marriage, then everyone should follow these rules given by Chanikya.

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