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Chanakya Neethi: Hypnotize a Man or Woman using 5 Tricks

By on December 10, 2016
chanakya neethi

Hypnotize a Man or Woman using 5 Tricks: Hypnotizing is a process of attaining or grabbing the complete attention of a person. In short, we can call hypnotizing as spellbinding someone using their mind and words. It is quite tricky to hypnotize an individual. Each and every person desires another person to keep in their control. But, it is not so easy task. The great legend Acharya Chanakya revealed few secret ways to hypnotize a man or woman in a simple way. To hypnotize a person, you need to follow some tactics. Here are five tricks by Acharya Chanakya that aids people to hypnotize a man or woman easily.

Chanakya Neethi: Hypnotize a Man or Woman using 5 Tricks 

  1. Foolish Vs Clever

If you wish to control an imprudent individual, you need to praise him using the false word. The foolish person gets impressed when you admire him/her saying untrue words. This way, you can easily control his mind. If you want to control or hypnotize a clever individual, you need to say only true and genuine words before that person.

  1. Greedy Vs Egoistic

A voracious person who has much desire about money can be hypnotized just by offering money to that person. You can control an egoistic person by using well-mannered and soothing words before him. When you stay in accord with a fool person to whatever he/she says, you can easily hypnotize that person.

  1. Child Vs Parent

A parent must show love, affection and pamper a child only till the certain age of 5 years. When the child reaches the age of 10 years, the parent shouldn’t ignore their wrong behavior. The parent either mother or father should punish them in a proper way so that they will get set right and learn good manners. We can mold a person when they are small, and it is quite difficult to change them when they grow big. At the age of 16, i.e., teenage parents must behave like friends with their children.

  1. Decide the Character of an Individual

You can control a person only when you understand the nature and character of that particular individual. You need to observe whether the person speaks politely or in an arrogant way. One can come to a conclusion about the nature of a person based on their manners and deeds.

  1. Grab the Opportunity

Whenever a door opens, just enter into it without any second thought. Similarly, grab the opportunity only when you get an offer. Once you miss the chance, it is pretty impossible to get back that golden opportunity.

These are some of the best and vital tricks taught by Chanakya to hypnotize or control a man or woman.

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