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Different Types of Smokers around!

By on November 12, 2016

Category of smokers around. Smoking is injurious to health and smoking leads to several health diseases like Cancer. It not only affects the smoker but also affects the people around as they also inhale the smoke coming out by smoking. There are different types of smokers. Though the packet of cigarettes has the warning written on it, still people smoke every day and if count in numbers, there are more than billions of people who smoke every day.

Categories of smokers:

The passive smoker’s people are not the regular smokers. They smoke when in tension or have to make an urgent cause.


The stressed up smokers comes in other list of category where the smokers are not he regular smokers but when out in tension or stress they start to smoke. According to the reports, about 47 percent of people who smoke come under this category.


The other category is the Chine smoker list where in the smokes gets addicted and keep smoking regularly more than one cigar. Smoking is dangerous for health but still the activity is continued.


The other ones are the show off smokers, the smoking becomes the trend and show off under this category.  There are also time pass smokers who smoke only to do time pass and have fun with friends.