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Boy dies due to hickey given by his girlfriend!

By on November 8, 2016

Boy dies due to hickey given by his girlfriend. Ever wondered a love bite can cause death? Yes, it is possible and it had happened where a 17 year old boy, Julio Macias Gonzalez from Mexico had died. The reason behind the untimed death is said to be the love bite given to him by his girlfriend. When investigated in detail, the boy suffered a stroke few hours after given a love bite and resulted in blood clot by the sucking action.  The boy had a blood clot which attacked the brain and lead to the stroke and he died.

Shocked with the untimely death of Julio, the family members are in deep vein and has said that Julio was eating dinner with them when he was facing convulsions, just hours after having spent evening with his girlfriend. Boy dies due to hickey given by his girlfriend, as per the reports, this is not the very first incident taking place of love bite turning into fatal death. It had happened earlier also. Hard to believe but it is true that a love bite can kill someone as the pressure put on skin by sucking action can result in blood clot and this stops the blood steam, attack the brain or heart and kill someone.

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