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Researchers Found That Blue Coral’s Venom Helps In Controlling Cancer

By on December 12, 2016

Blue Corals Venom Helps In Controlling Cancer. Not every snake’s venom is threat to life.  There are few snakes’ whose venom can be used to treat diseases says a recent study and the snake is called as Blue Coral.  In a recent research by University of Queensland scientists, it was revealed that Blue Coral’s venom is not dangerous and can be used to treat diseases.

The School of Biological Science’s Associate Professor Bryan Fry said venom from South-East Asia’s blue coral snake could treat pain in humans.  He said “these snakes are ‘killer’s killers’.”  They have electric blue stripes and neon red head and tail.

These species of snakes are said to have biggest venom glands in the world, extending over a quarter the length of its body.  Professor Fry said that ‘this venom has a particular sodium channel that is important for the treatment of pain in humans.’

Blue Coral’s Venom can be used to make pain killers

This is another in the long line of useful discoveries from venom that could benefit human health.  This species of snake is found in forests of Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand.

The researchers have found that with the venom of these snakes, they can extract a pain killer to treat certain diseases and pains.  The research was being carried out on these snakes from years and the research finally turned out to be fruitful.

Blue Corals Venom Helps In Controlling Cancer, though it is not officially confirmed, it is also said that the venom from blue coral can be used to control cancer in humans.  The nerve pains, migraine, server headache can be treated using the venom of this snake.

From past 15 years the researchers were researching on 2 blue corals. Without killing them they were extracting the venom and performing research on it.  On research it was found that the venom has got many features as that of a medicine to treat pains in humans and can be used in making pain killers.

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