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Beware of Paper before Eating Hot Bajji in winter

By on November 1, 2016
Beware of Paper before Eating Hot Bajji in winter

Usually, elders say a popular adage ‘Health is Wealth.’ It is a proven fact and people can achieve anything if their health is good. Beware of Paper before Eating Hot Bajji in winter, people take good care of their health staying away from junk food. Some others consume such food but take some care before eating them. Sometimes, people take necessary safety measures in order to protect their health. Even then, people unknowingly risk their life by following some safety things. As we all know that people love ingesting hot and spicy food items in the winter season.

Currently, we are in winter season and we often look people standing near fast food centres eating various stuff. Among different foods, ‘Mirapakay Bajji’ is the most hot and spiciest item that most people love having during winters. At some places, we see people eating them by placing it on a newspaper so that the newspaper absorbs the excess oil. In fact, we are not caring our health by doing this instead spoiling our health.

Yes, it is true! When we place the hot Bajji on the newspaper, it newsprint ink on the paper starts melting. The newsprint ink comprises of graphite material and that mixes with the food item that you intake. Eventually, when we consume it, the graphite material damages the kidneys, liver, bones and other tissues in our body. In general, as per our body mechanism, it spreads out any kind of thing in a natural way. But, the case of Graphite is different. It is very harmful to everyone’s health as it remains in the body.

Instead of absorbing the excess oil from the food item, it starts damaging your health. The graphite on a newspaper starts to melt whenever it combines with wet things or oily stuff. So, beware before using newspaper for storing any food items, cleaning your hands, absorbing excessive oil, etc. Beware of Paper before Eating Hot Bajji in winter, It is the best health tip for this winter season. We recommend placing such food stuff on paper plates rather than the newspaper.

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