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Beautiful girl Gold thief caught on Camera!

By on October 3, 2016

Shocking yet true incident happened where a young and beautiful girl had robbed Gold and was caught on camera. The girl’s video has been uploaded on the social media sites and the girl was caught up and brutally abused in the video. She was further investigated by the police and was asked several questions. The girl kept crying in the video and was asking for forgiveness. The girl looks very young and the video has gone viral on the web series videos.

When asked for why did she rob? The girl says that her father is very ill and she needed money for the treatment and that’s why she did so. The girl s joining hands and crying in front of the people and no other people around was captured in the video. She was caught for robbing chains and hand rings and she admitted her guilt saying that she was alone and has no other person involved. She robbed the items and also said that this is not her first time and has gone to gather some money for her father’s operation. You can also view the video on the web series and have a look at the matter. Stay connected for more details.

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