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Ashwini Nachappa Latest News, Where She Is And What She Is Doing Right Now

By on January 30, 2017
ashwini nachappa

Aashwini Nachappa is a former athlete who made the country shine with her running.  She hails from Karnataka.  She was named as India’s FIoJo after she outran P.T. Usha two times in the running competition.  She received the prestigious Arjuna Award in her line of work for her contribution and dedication.  She used to be called as glamour queen because of her stunning looks.  She even did few feature films and one of them being her own biographical film Ashwini.  She even won Nandi Award in best debutant actress category for her acting in the flick.

Ashwini Nachappa Personal Life and Career

She won many medals for her tremendous talent.  In 1994, she married a coffee planter and a timber merchant Datta Karumbaiah.  She had two beautiful daughters with him.  Both of her daughters are into sports since their childhood.  She is currently working as a social activist and an educationalist.  She has her own school that offers education up to 12th standard.  The school also provides sports education to the students.  The sports academy is being run by Ashwini and her husband.

Though she is away from the big screen, she is very much in contact with the media as a social activist and educationalist.  She participated in many debates and talk shows conducted by national media.  Even now, she voices her opinion very frankly about the sports and the politics that are growing in sports.  She even gave interview to a local channel recently where she shared was asked the secret behind her ever youth skin.  When asked about her inspiration she told her mother Parvathy Nachappa was her biggest inspiration in life.

At present, she is the president of the Bangalore Urban District Athletics Association and vice-president of Karnataka Athletic Association and the President of Clean Sports India.

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    February 1, 2017 at 3:18 am

    hats-off to this women for making women stay their heads up

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