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Anchor Shyamala Real Life Story!!

By on December 12, 2016

Anchor Shyamala is one of the finest Anchors in the Telugu Industry. She is well known for her anchoring in the audio release functions and she can also be seen in of the some live shows. Anchor Shyamala Real Life Story. She has the ability of attracting the audience with her talkative skills and with her beautiful glamour on stage. Shyamala does acting in the films as well with the anchoring, this type of anchors are very rare in the Industry that manages both in the Movies and in the small screen. She only likes to act in the character based roles than the glamour based roles. She is one of the anchors in the Telugu industry that comes in a traditional sari rather than the western outfit.

Anchor Shyamala Real Life Story. In a short span of time Anchor Shyamala has got their own importance in the industry with her anchoring skills. These days all the young anchors are interested to get the western outfit to attract the audience, but Shyamala attracts the audience with her traditional outfit and her anchoring skills. In one hand she does the anchoring to the audio release functions and some shows, on the other hand she sometimes acts in the Serials and in Movies.

Shyamala wants to be a Teacher

Shyamala was always interested in the Teacher profession, but unfortunately she turned into an anchor. In the early age of Shyamala in anchoring, she acted in some of the Telugu serials. At that time she fell in love with her co-actor Narasimham, who was already in the industry at that time. After her love scene, Shyamala love married Narasimham at the age of 18. At present with the encouragement of his husband Narasimham, Shyamala continues her anchoring career and she has now full craze in the industry. Shyamala was mostly seen in the audio release functions and she can also be seen in the good roles in the movies.

These generation anchors have great competition between them because of the availability of so many anchors in the industry. To be first in the race, anchors are not hesitating to show their glamour to the audience with fewer clothes on them, but Anchor Shyamala never crossed her limits on the stage at any function or event. She always attracts the audience with her traditional sari outfit. She got the glamour based roles in the movies, but she rejected those kinds of roles in the movies. Hope Shyamala will reach many heights in the coming days.

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