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Shocking!! Anchor Pradeep Remuneration for Konchem Touch lo Unte Cheptha Show

By on October 19, 2016

The fame and reputation of female anchors have been increasing in the current era on the small screen. There are pretty fewer male anchors and among the few, Anchor Pradeep Machiraju has a unique style of hosting. He has entered into the entertainment field as an RJ in Radio Mirchi and received Nandi award in the category of Best Anchor in the year 2010. Currently, Pradeep has turned out to be a Superstar on the small screen. Most of the Television shows are being hosted by Anchor Pradeep in many channels.

Pradeep has begun his career as an event promoter and initiated as an anchor for a show namely Pradeep Darbar. Later, he has hosted Gadasari Aththa Sogasari Kodalu show in Zee Telugu Channel which has massively elevated his popularity on the small screen. As of now, he is giving challenging competition to other senior anchors who are ruling the small screen. That one show has completely changed the life of the anchor that eventually brought several offers for numerous shows on the Television.

Currently, Pradeep is hosting various shows on different channels like Dhee Jodi, Nartanashala, Lakshmi Devi Thalupu Thattindi, Dammu, Kiraak Show, Nene Number One and much more. Pradeep Machiraju is hosting a popular Celebrity talk show namely Konchem Touch Lo Unte Cheptha on Zee Telugu channel. In this show, Pradeep interviews various celebrities revealing all their personal and filmography. This show has elevated the status and popularity of the anchor.

The rating of the show on the channel has risen to peaks with this show. Can you imagine the remuneration of Pradeep for his shows?  As per the latest sources, Pradeep charges Rs. 1 Lakh per each episode of Konchem Touch lo Unte Cheptha show on Zee Telugu. For other shows, he charges about Rs. 50, 000. Pradeep has begun hosting this show for Rs. 15,000 and it has now reached such a massive amount. He is the highest-paid anchors on the small screen.

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