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How did Allu Arjun’s gain so much popularity in Kerala

By on November 19, 2016

Allu Arjun popularity in Kerala. The Stylish Star’s movie called Arya had a dubbed version in Malayalam that was screened in the state of Kerala. This dubbed version released around the year 2005. At that time, the Malayalam film industry was going through a changing phase. There was a requirement of young film actors like Allu Arjun and he was best suited for that role in the movie. Also, the older audiences were not that interested in such kinds of characters.  So he is popular among the younger generation fans.

What made his role and acting more appreciated by the younger audiences was due to the change of era and growing consumerist culture in Kerala which was liked by the youth. Not to mention the dancing sequences that took swept the Kerala Audiences away.  All of these reasons are why the actor got so popular in the state of Kerala.

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