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Comedian Ali Satire on Hero Sunil | Film Gossips

By on November 7, 2016
ali comments on sunil

Star comedian Ali again into controversies with his latest speech at Sapthagiri Express Movie audio launch. This is a debut movie as a hero for comedian Sapthagiri.  Ali made a general statement to target stars who turned as heroes from comedians. ‘If any comedian made a good movie and scores success, he can try few more movies as a hero, but one must not stick to hero roles and neglect comedian offers.’

Ali has also done few movies as a hero and also continued as a comedian for other star hero movies. This is the reason still Ali is a number one comedian and a successful person from industry. This general statements are given an indirect hint to Sunil and also Sapthagiri. These both comedians now turned as heroes and stick to act lead roles in movies. Unfortunately, Sunil is in the back to back flops as a hero in Tollywood industry.

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