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A Story of An Indian woman who suffered hell in the Gulf country

By on February 3, 2017
A Story of An Indian woman who suffered hell in the Gulf country

Recently, a case of a young Indian woman who suffered hell in the Gulf country came into light which made everyone teary-eyed.  She is none other than Bhavani who is in her early 20s now.  She belongs to a poor family and was married off when she was just 17 to Ramesh.  She had two daughters immediately.  Ramesh is a drinker and died after 6 years of marriage due to ill health.  She was abandoned by her in-laws and so returned to her parents’ home. She started working as a labor to lend a helping hand to her parents.  She decided to go to Bahrain so as to earn more money.  She stayed there for 2 years and sent money for every month to run the home.

She returned back to home and all the money she earned in Bahrain gone as debts.  Her father suffered paralysis and so they sold their own house.  She once met Srinu by chance and asked him to help her get some work.  He suggested her to go to Saudi and said that she will get 23 thousand per month.  Dreaming that she can help her family with the money, she took the flight to Dubai.  It is then her problems started.  She started working as a house cleaner where she got assaulted by everyone in the house every day.  She once called her mother in secret and asked her to bring her home as soon as possible.  At one point in time she even drank acid to kill herself in the light of torture she was facing.

Bhavani’s mother came to know that her daughter has been sold to a person named Vittal for 1.5 lakh under three-month contract basis.  With the help of her brother she met with 10 TV reporter who helped them to meet North Zone, DCP, Sumathi who helped them to bring Bhavani back home.  Bhavani returned to India on 31st January.  She and her mother thanked everyone who helped her get back to the country safely and requested that the people who are involved in this case to be punished severely.


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