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A Girl From Very Poor Background Gets Seat In London Oxford University

By on October 28, 2016

A Girl From Very Poor Background Gets Seat In London Oxford University. London Oxford University is one of the top 10 universities in the world.  Many students dream to study in the university and only very few end up making their dreams come true.  One among them is the girl Asha who hails from Madhya Pradesh.  The surprising thing is that she comes from a tress poor family.

Though students study hard and attain good marks, without paying the fee it is impossible to study in Oxford University, but Asha got the opportunity to complete one month course in that prestigious university.

She hails from Janawar village of Pannu District in Madhya Pradesh.  She comes from a very poor family.  For them it is impossible to get three meals a day.  They need to earn in order to eat.  Though her family condition is hard up she always dreamed of studying.  She has great interest in English and dreamed of getting grip on the language, but the family conditions halted her dreams.

A girl who falls under below poverty line makes it to London Oxford University

Once an NGO has conducted summer training classes in her village and trained the children of the village on various subjects.  Asha also participated in the training and her interest to learn English was observed by some of the members of NGO.

They have found out the interests of Asha and encouraged her in that way.  They helped her to go to school.  The director of NGO has once called her up to her chamber and tested her English skills and was surprised to know her interest to learn English.

She then informed Asha that she will send her to London Oxford University.  She promised to settle the Visa issues for her, but Asha does not have a penny in her hand to travel.  Looking at her situation, all the villagers supported her and offered her money.

She will soon fly to London to complete her one month course.  She says that she will never forget the help that she received from the villagers and that after her return she will teach English to all the children in the village.

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