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4 Tragic deaths of Tollywood Who Died While Filming

By on November 8, 2016
tragic deaths

Tragic deaths of Tollywood: Being an actor or movie professional isn’t always easy, sometimes it can be dangerous too. Here is the list of few tragic death incidents on the sets of different film shootings.

  1. Gollapudi Srinivas Rao

Gollapudi Srinivas Rao is the son of Gollapudi Maruthi rao. An enormous tidal wave washed away this young filmmaker in Vizag beach during the Prema Pusthakam Movie shooting.

2. Ravi Teja Dupe

During the set of Baladur movie, one of the stuntmen was drowned as he did not know swimming. His name is Mahendar and came to act as a dupe for hero Ravi Teja.

 3. Nutan Prasad

A veteran actor Nutan Prasad lost his both legs during the shoot of Bamma Maata Bangaaru Baata. This accident left him as paralyzed and stick to a wheelchair.

nutan prasad

4.Camera Man Lok Singh Naidu

Camera man Lok Singh died in a fire accident on the sets. He has worked for 31 Chiranjeevi movies as a cameraman.

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