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200 People Found Narcotized in Resort – Police Arrested Resort Owner

By on October 3, 2016

If people have lots of money, property and time, it is quite obvious that most of them would love to lead such a life regardless of the work and society in which we survive. There are certain ways people enjoy in their life. Some unusual folks wish to live in a thrilling way, unlike others. Now, most of the people are showing interests towards Rave Parties which is completely related to three things such as wine, food, and fornication.

The culture of organizing was witnessed only in foreign countries and now it has expanded to other countries as well including India. There are many reasons for the spread of such culture to India and many other countries. In India, there are few places where we can see such Rave parties. Most of the young people are alluring towards this culture of taking part in Rave parties as it brings much pleasure and enjoyment. In such parties, people drink and fell out somewhere without any consciousness on their mind and body.

4The current latest news is that Rave party was organised in a resort in Rajasthan. A total of 200 people were found drunken at a popular resort in a rave party.Among them, most of them belong to Israel country and some other local men and women who took part in this Rave party. The entry fee for the party was just Rs 500 and youth got attracted to it so that they could take part in the party. They sold drugs to the people who attended the party. In the party, most of the people were in an unconscious and in partial dressing state.


In fact, this party was commenced in the noon and continued till 7 PM. The city police heard the news and raided the resort. All the alcoholic products were seized that included drugs, liquor in large amounts. The drugs were sent to the lab for testing purpose. Immediately, the police arrested the owner of the resort who organised that party without permission.


The interesting news behind this incident is that the resort belongs to a popular political party leader. But, the owner of the resort stated that he took the resort for lease 3 years back. However, the Government should take necessary action to ban such Rave parties and awkward western culture entering our country.

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