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12th Pass Female becomes the owner of Rs 16 crore, buys 6 houses and 4 cars!

By on October 5, 2016

A female who was working in a Mumbai Company as the Assistant accountant is the owner of RS 16 crore and buys 6 houses and 4 cars. She has been working in the company and earns a salary of only RS 18k.  The female has spent about RS 16 crore in only 2 years and it gets astonishing to know how she could own such huge property and cars with the remuneration she was earning. Amused with the news, the police of Mumbai have been entirely looking in the matter and trying to figure out the truth behind it.

The reporters say that the girl wasn’t happy with living a small life. Her dreams were big and she always wanted to live in a big house, travel in big cars and so. Having a big dream is good but the question here arises that how could all these be possible to owe in just 2 years with a salary of only 18k. She has been put under several questions and very soon will the matter be opened up in front of the media and public.

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