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10 things Chanakya Says About Women

By on December 9, 2016
10 things Chanakya Says About Women

Chanakya is the prominent Indian teacher and Philosopher, popularly known as Kautilya. He is quite prevalent in India as he penned the ancient Indian Political treatise namely Arthashastra. He taught many things regarding the life, rules a person must follow to grow in life, the way to behave with others and in society and many other vital rules. Chanakya revealed several things about people, their nature and other moral values.

All the significant preaching taught by Chanakya helps one and all at one or other point of time. Chanakya not only taught moral values but also disclosed slew of things about women. In his Neeti Shastra, Chanakya also taught what kind of woman that a man should marry. He also taught many things like the qualities of women. Here are the 10 things Chanakya said about women. Have a glance!

  1. In women, we can notice many things that include speaking untruth, selfishness, jealousy, acting harshly, not maintaining cleanliness and a lot more. Due to such qualities in women, most of them couldn’t develop in life. All these qualities considered as fundamental enemies for a woman.
  2. When compared to men, women have two times more appetite than men. Besides this, women have 4 times more shyness, 6 times more boldness and 8 times more desire than men.
  3. In any situation or consequence, a woman must and should take permission from her husband. If they don’t take permission for anything, the life span of the husband shortens, according to Chanakya. Also, such woman would definitely go to hell and undergoes punishment because of her doings.
  4. A woman has such a massive power that she is capable of extracting out the complete energy and strength in a man.
  5. In Chanakya Neeti, he taught that an intelligent man must marry a virgin who comes from a respectable family. Despite the beauty of the woman, the man should marry a woman who comes from a well-reputed and respectable family. It is preferred that the status of the two-side family must be equivalent.
  6. If we do not implement the knowledge into practice we gained, then we are lost because of our lack of knowledge. Without a man, a woman is completely lost, according to Chanakya.
  7. As per Chanakya, a person must stay away from a ruler, fire, the religious teacher, and a woman. Otherwise, it is quite disastrous.
  8. It is quite tough and challenging for people to understand women.
  9. If a man thinks that some woman loves them deeply then that person surely becomes a slave to that woman.
  10. The way how citric acids clean copper, in the same way, menstrual cycle purifies women.

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