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10 simple ways to convert your black money into white!

By on November 18, 2016

Are you worried about the black money if you hold? Then, I will help you with the best 10 ways to convert the Black money into white.  The old currency notes of RS 500 and RS 1000 are banned by the Indian Government and this step is taken to wash away the black money from the country. People are facing issues with the limitations imposed on withdrawal and exchange of old notes with the new ones. 10 simple ways to convert your black money into white. Those who possess black money are very much at stake and are much tensed about their money. This action has very much shaken the entire nation and people are seen standing in huge queues for hours together at ATM’s and banks.

10 best ways you can choose to convert black money into white:

  • Bogus loan entry
  • Formulation of trust and charity
  • Incomes imposed and shown as Agriculture income.
  • Showing cash income from profession
  • Converting black money by investment
  • Getting black money as gift
  • Depositing black money on name of family members
  • By real estate
  • By declaring black money.

Converting black money into white has become very common and people in India are seen browsing the same on the Google search engine. The state which falls in the first list is Gujarat followed by Haryana and Mumbai in the list. People are in great support with the action by Narendar Modi but there is lots of incontinence caused to the people who are going out of cash. Well, the above mentioned 10 ways can help you with converting black money into white. Besides, people opting for the options have to be very careful. 10 simple ways to convert your black money into white, this article does not support any taxpayers or anyone to use any of the ways further.

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