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10 Indian Actress Arrested In Prostitution Charges

By on November 13, 2016
10 Indian Actress Arrested In Prostitution Charges

Actress Arrested In Prostitution: Recently, there were reports about an actress held at a hotel and the second time the same actress was caught in the prostitution racket. There are many film actresses who are embroiled in such kinds of activities. Here, we see a list of 10 Indian film actresses that was arrested for prostitution charges when their rackets are busted. To earn a quick buck, many well-known actresses are also into the sex trade and prostitution. They do it for quick money. A few have also been mentioned here. The names of these actresses will shock you as they are silver screen actresses. The actress’ names are mentioned here: Sweta Basu Prasad, Jyothi, Saira Banu, Sarvani, Zara, Kinnara, Yamuna, Aish Ansari, Niharika,

Behind the shimmering world of glamor, young actresses are pushed into this darker path. To be able to hold onto their stardom and stay in the highly competitive rat race these stars are later caught or are under the scanner for their involvement in activities like sex rackets and prostitution. This comes as a repeated blow to the South Indian Cinema as many times in the past too when heroines from different parts of stardom and cinema are caught in these activities.

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